David Balatero

Mute your Mac audio device on sleep/wake


One time opened my laptop in a cafe full of people and techno instantly started blasting out of my speakers. I guess I had Spotify running when I shut the lid. My MacBook decided to lock up right at that moment, and not let me login, so I just sat there for what seemed like hours making a scene, scrambling to unlock and mute my computer.

I now have an irrational fear of this happening to me again, so I made a little snippet to mute my speakers when my computer wakes from sleep.

You’ll need to install Hammerspoon, either by downloading the app, or running brew cask install hammerspoon.

Add this to your Hammerspoon config:

sleepWatcher = hs.caffeinate.watcher.new(function(state)
if state == hs.caffeinate.watcher.systemDidWake then
local device = hs.audiodevice.defaultOutputDevice()

if device then
hs.alert.show("Muted " .. device:name())